Cecilia Bartoli – Music Foundation

In 2007, the Cecilia Bartoli – Music Foundation was called into life. In the most general of terms, this foundation is dedicated to the advancement of music, which includes the research, performance and propagation of music but also the collection of music, the organization of exhibitions and the support of musical projects of all kinds.

In its first public project, the Cecilia Bartoli – Music Foundation presents a project which is highly unusual and has probably never before been seen in such a form: The exhibition on wheels "Maria Malibran", which presents normally not accessible rarities from the age of Rossini and Belcanto to a wide audience.
The name Cecilia Bartoli stands for the breaking of new ground, for innovation from tradition, for the revival of forgotten music. This always entails the idea of bringing classical music to an extremely wide audience. Thereby, new impulses are given to a fundamental pillar of our culture - classical music.

This is also the spirit of the Music Foundation, which was endowed with the name of the great singer Cecilia Bartoli. Thus, the current roadshow is a highly impressive and unusual manifestation of the Cecilia Bartoli - Music Foundation's creed "innovation from tradition".